czwartek, 27 września 2018


Working like crazy, as always! I will share some news soon, some new opportunities, new motifs in paintings, and EIGHT exhibitions I will take part till end of this year! EIGHT!!! YAY! So busy! Sign up for my newsletter to be up-to-date with overworked me! link in my bio. ---------------------------------------------------------
Detail of "Girl in red" oil on canvas 40/50cm 16x20 in
with which painting, I was accepted to a prestigious "BP Portrait Award 2013" ---------------------------------------------------------

środa, 26 września 2018

"W O M E N P A I N T I N G W O M E N, M E N P A I N T I NG M E N - V O I C ES W I T H V I S I O N"

Huge congratulations to all wonderful featured winners of "W O M E N P A I N T I N G W O M E N, 
M E N P A I N T I NG M E N - V O I C ES W I T H V I S I O N" exhibition opens O C T O B E R 6th 6 - 8pm at @rjdgallery
I am honored and extremely happy that my piece "The Lady of time" will also be presented as a chosen from gallery artists. I am sure it will be amazing opening and if You have a chance, visit it definitely! -------------------------------------------------
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poniedziałek, 24 września 2018

"Sharp objects"

Did You saw latest @hbo original "Sharp objects"? .
This series very interestingly shows how the mind works, how memories work like everything is tangled up and how tricky it can be. Super interesting, not the crime, but a way how we perceive the reality, how it messes with the memories and everything. I somehow found it connected with this detail of my painting. ......
A painting about freeing oneself from the obligation to fulfill the expectations of other people. About the fact that the inner power can have many colors. About that pink and pleasant does not have to mean weak and naive.
detail „Too sweet to be serious.” oil on canvas 39,5”x27,5”
Featured right now at "The Rubicon" exhibition in @ix_imagine_this and curated by @david.ethridge @abendgallery @gallery1261 ----------------------------------------------------
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środa, 19 września 2018

American Art Collector

Awesome exhibition in Principle Gallery Charleston and wonderful publication in October American Art Collector with my name mentioned So proud and happy to be part of great Principle Gallery family 


Some artists paint one thing all their's life. It is fine for them, but I am not like that. I constantly change, I have phases, and only by this, I find freedom in my creativity. This is part of last from my Gigant's series (more about it on => projects) and the same, one of latest from my expressive series. Some phases end up, for the new starts. No positivity today from me, because someone left my life forever yesterday. ----------------------------------------------------
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poniedziałek, 17 września 2018

The Skull

The story of his skull. When I was a student I got this skull as a gift from my by then future husband. He went to the department of sculpture (Academy of Art in Gdansk) and got it from a friend. A couple of years later I painted it on this painting, and a couple of years after that this painting finally found the new home as a part of permanent collection of National Museum in Gdansk (my city) and remain included in The Basil Alkazzi & Halima Nalecz Purchase Foundation.
.................................................. "Skull" oil on canvas -----------------------------------------------.
Have a nice weekend!
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Detail of painting I did in 2013, which is now part of permanent collection of The Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona. It was my first museum work. ----------------------------------------------------
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wtorek, 11 września 2018

Beautiful Bizarre

Proud to be part of this amazing exhibition! Thank You PA and Steven DaLuz for the invitation!

poniedziałek, 10 września 2018

"The Rubicon"

„When you squint your eyes from the sun, you almost see her avatar” oil on canvas 40/50 cm 16×20 in 2018
This piece is included in "The Rubicon" exhibition featuring imaginative realism. Presented by IX Arts and curated by David Ethridge Abend GalleryGallery 1261 
for inquiries contact:

RUBICON: "When You Squint Your Eyes from the Sun, You Almost See Her Avatar" by Anna Wypych, on view in Rubicon, an exhibition guest-curated for IX Gallery by Gallery 1261/Abend, featuring a roster of fine artists turned loose in the world of the imagination. Contact: (Oil, 20x16")


Here are some of the faces I painted this year & last year.
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środa, 5 września 2018

The Guide Artists

Two amazing issues of The Guide Artists with a lot of my art inside number 16 and 17!
Dwa wydania fantastycznego magazynu prosto z Hiszpanii The Guide Artists z mnóstwem moich obrazów w środku! numery 16 i 17!