piątek, 5 grudnia 2014

News form the beginning of december.

1. Spain / Last chance to visit!

Today is last day of exhibition ""Something more than realism ... VIII", so if you are somewhere around Zaragoza,  Spain, this is last chance !



2. USA / Fashion Show

On Saturday (22.11), fashion fans made their way to Cavortress in Mount Pleasant for a fashion show fundraiser event. Attendees enjoyed a show featuring the Cavortress Fall/Winter 2014 collection.

My "Creature" also participated:)

And here are some photos : https://www.facebook.com/jeff.swanson.980/media_set?set=a.10205625827430221.1073741917.1389757905&type=1

3. USA / Today Collector's Choice !

:: COLLECTOR'S CHOICE :: this one's for YOU

Principle Gallery Charleston invites: ArtWalk is a little like speed dating. You grab some wine + give the available work a once over to see if it could be a fit, then it pops up in your dreams, you return to see a heart-stopping Hold sticker on it, and POW! You know: That.Painting.Must.Be.The.One.

This Friday we're making the Matchmaking easy between Art Lover + The One True Painting.
Want to see what we're talking about?
Stop by 5-8 to see how easy picking up original art can be.
Let's start with a glass of that wine, shall we...?

So when you are somewhere around Charleston SC do not miss it :)


4. Poland / Done.

My newest work is done. More info here: http://annawypych.pl/?p=810

5. Moldova / Coming soon !

The National Museum of History of Moldova. The Elite of Contemporary art from Realism to the High Definition.

January 9- 28. 2015

Giuseppe Muscio, Luciano Ventrone, David Eichenberg, Rodney O'Dell Davis, Hyung Jin Park, Anna Wypych, Sharon Hourigan, Paul Coventry-Brown, Lamine Azzouzi, and many others.

I am really thankfull for an invitation. This is great honour to take part in this event with so wonderfull artists. Thank You Giuseppe Muscio for an invitation !

6. UK / Adventures of "Girl in red".

BP Portrait Award 2014 has just opened at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh. It will be on display there until the 12 April when it will then travel to Aberystwyth in Wales.

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery
28 November – 12 April 2015

Aberystwyth Arts Centre
17th April - 31st May, 2015



poniedziałek, 1 grudnia 2014

She already is there..

She already is there.....
Sneak peak of my new work.