piątek, 5 grudnia 2014

News form the beginning of december.

1. Spain / Last chance to visit!

Today is last day of exhibition ""Something more than realism ... VIII", so if you are somewhere around Zaragoza,  Spain, this is last chance !



2. USA / Fashion Show

On Saturday (22.11), fashion fans made their way to Cavortress in Mount Pleasant for a fashion show fundraiser event. Attendees enjoyed a show featuring the Cavortress Fall/Winter 2014 collection.

My "Creature" also participated:)

And here are some photos : https://www.facebook.com/jeff.swanson.980/media_set?set=a.10205625827430221.1073741917.1389757905&type=1

3. USA / Today Collector's Choice !

:: COLLECTOR'S CHOICE :: this one's for YOU

Principle Gallery Charleston invites: ArtWalk is a little like speed dating. You grab some wine + give the available work a once over to see if it could be a fit, then it pops up in your dreams, you return to see a heart-stopping Hold sticker on it, and POW! You know: That.Painting.Must.Be.The.One.

This Friday we're making the Matchmaking easy between Art Lover + The One True Painting.
Want to see what we're talking about?
Stop by 5-8 to see how easy picking up original art can be.
Let's start with a glass of that wine, shall we...?

So when you are somewhere around Charleston SC do not miss it :)


4. Poland / Done.

My newest work is done. More info here: http://annawypych.pl/?p=810

5. Moldova / Coming soon !

The National Museum of History of Moldova. The Elite of Contemporary art from Realism to the High Definition.

January 9- 28. 2015

Giuseppe Muscio, Luciano Ventrone, David Eichenberg, Rodney O'Dell Davis, Hyung Jin Park, Anna Wypych, Sharon Hourigan, Paul Coventry-Brown, Lamine Azzouzi, and many others.

I am really thankfull for an invitation. This is great honour to take part in this event with so wonderfull artists. Thank You Giuseppe Muscio for an invitation !

6. UK / Adventures of "Girl in red".

BP Portrait Award 2014 has just opened at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh. It will be on display there until the 12 April when it will then travel to Aberystwyth in Wales.

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery
28 November – 12 April 2015

Aberystwyth Arts Centre
17th April - 31st May, 2015



poniedziałek, 1 grudnia 2014

She already is there..

She already is there.....
Sneak peak of my new work.

środa, 19 listopada 2014

New self-portrait

More than 120 hours and It is finaly done :)


I am terrible in resting, so …
... so three new paintings starting to be in progress.

czwartek, 13 listopada 2014

"Something more than realism... VIII" Zaragoza, Spain


"Something more than realism ... VIII" take place from November 12 to December 5, 2014 in the Exhibition Hall of the Art Association of Aragon - Zaragoza,  Spain.

The artists participating are Don Eddy (USA), Randy Ford (USA), Adolfo Cordova, Aurelio Fernández, Carlos Muro, Carmen Mansilla, Ivan Franco, José Enrique González, Ronen Zlotogoura (Romania), Jesus Lozano Saorín, Dino Valls, Iman Maleki (Iran), Golucho, Jaime Valero, Giovanni Marciano (Italy), Luis Garcia Waiters, Antonio Capel, Shahrad Malek Fazeli (Iran), Francesco Capello (Italy), Anna Wypych (Poland), Lorenzo de Bruin (Netherlands), Eduardo Naranjo, Fernando Pérez, Jordi Alamá, .Marco Grassi (Italy) and Guillermo Lorca (Argentina) 

poniedziałek, 10 listopada 2014

Some news from this really busy month

Me with the album I am in :
Some photos from "The Tie that Binds" Pay it forward, Principle Gallery Charleston, SC

I am happy to share that I was mentioned in American Art Collector ! 

Upcoming show "Something more than realism... VIII" Zaragoza, Spain
Opening 12.11.14 ! Galeria Artelibre

AND Surprisingly, my algraphy, part of annex to my Master Degree diploma which I obtained in 2011, became part of the exhibition "From the Archives lithography Fine Arts in Gdansk", Symposium Academy of Art Gdansk 04.11.2014
Thank You prof. Zbigniew Gorlak and ad. Lukasz Butowski !

czwartek, 6 listopada 2014

Yearbook "Art and Freedom."

On Wednesday November 12 at 20 pm will present the 9th edition of the Yearbook "Art and Freedom."
The presentation will be held within the opening of the exhibition "More than realism ... VIII" 2014 Exhibition Hall of the Art Association of Aragon, c / Lagasca, 21 - Zaragoza.

Thank You Artelibre Team ! 

wtorek, 4 listopada 2014

"The Pay-it-Forward" event at Principle Gallery Charleston

Extremely excited to be part of "The Pay-it-Forward" exhibition at Principle Gallery Charleston. The show opens this Friday, September 7th ! Eight of Principle Artists introduce their Mentors and/or Colleagues-Proteges... Thank you Pamela Wilson an Roch Urbaniak for joining! 



piątek, 3 października 2014


“Creature” oil on canvas, 2014, 60/90cm, 23,5 / 35,5 inch

I've noticed that my paintings are arranged in a train of thought, and often their meanings follow from one to next and together forming a story. It is easiest to me to start from few words about "Masks", it was about that sometimes we pretend something in front of ourself, and about that it is healthy to check what is under our private mask which we wear looking into mirror. Sometimes it is good to look at that part of ourselves, which we do not fully accept, the ugly part of us. Painting "Yellow Eyes" is like a shutter, when we look in the mirror, just before removing the mask. When you see your inner monster, what could you do with it? I'm not an idealist, so I think we can only change its shape, but the monster deep inside us will always be there. We can not delete it. So there are two choices: ignore the monster, or tame it at least a little bit. I took away a bit of the seriousness from my monster.

Zauważyłam, że moje obrazy układają się w ciąg myślowy i często ich znaczenia wynikają z siebie nawzajem i układają się w historię. Pisząc o „Creature” najłatwiej mi zacząć od obrazu „Maski”, był on o tym, że czasem coś udajemy przed samym sobą i że czasem zdrowo jest zajrzeć pod maskę, którą zakładamy patrząc w lustro. Czasem dobrze jest spojrzeć na tą część nas samych której w sobie nie do końca akceptujemy, na tą brzydką część nas. Obraz „Yellow eyes” jest jakby migawką, kiedy patrzymy w to lustro, tuż przed zdjęciem maski. Gdy już zobaczymy naszego wewnętrznego potwora, to co można z tym zrobić? Nie jestem idealistką, więc uważam, że możemy jedynie zmieniać jego kształt, ale potwór tam w głębi nas zawsze tam będzie. Pozbyć się go nie możemy. Tak więc pozostają dwa wyjścia: ignorowanie potwora, lub oswojenie go choć trochę. Ja zabrałam trochę powagi mojemu potworowi.

środa, 17 września 2014

Yellow eyes

“Yellow eyes” oil on canvas 50/70cm, 20/27,5 inch

środa, 16 lipca 2014

Secret mask

„Secret mask” oil on canvas 100/80cm 39,5/31,5 inch

Secret Mask.

Wearing masks is quite natural and common, they are indispensable in relationships with other people. Contacts with others in groups are easier when we use them. When we look on other people we use stereotypes, because it is impossible to know truth about every particular person we met. That's why we use simplifications when we connect with others. We also create masks to show how we want people see us, and what we want they know about us. But sometimes, we lost ourselves and start pretend in front of ourselves, refusing to accept something unpleasant. Sometimes we spent really lot of time and effort to hide something about us from ourselves, or to see in us something, which clearly isn't there. This is also not so bad mechanism like it sounds, this is our self-defence. BUT It is healthy, when we once for some time check, what is under our secret mask.  

More photos:

poniedziałek, 26 maja 2014

„Obvious true, there is one girl not two. „

 „Obvious true, there is one girl not two. „
oil on canvas, 2014, 60/90 cm, 23,5 / 35,5 inch,

  Paolo Uccello's painting "Fight St. George and the Dragon " was an inspiration to my work. I saw it accidentally and immediately it hypnotized me. It got stuck somewhere in my head for a long time. I wasn't thinking about St.George but about girl with a dragon showed there. I realised that calm,self-controlled, beautifull girl and beast are somehow one character, that these are two sides of one person, showed separately. Then I strated to paint.


piątek, 25 kwietnia 2014

Fine Art Connoisseur !

Zapraszam Do lektury artykułu o mojej twórczości w Fine art Connoisseur.

czwartek, 10 kwietnia 2014


“Hormones” oil on canvas, 100/80cm, 39/31,5 inch


Nearly 300 hours.

There is logic, stability, things about which you are sure, you make plans and follow them,
You know in what direction you are going, everything is under control and suddenly.... hormons starts their play..... suddenly everything is up side down and you are, suprisingly, extremely happy about that!
…. hormons just don't care....

Sometimes, You are sad for no reason, then "click" and despite the fact that nothing has changed, everything is the same as before, and You're just extremely happy. Hormones and their game .... Women's things, we love it!

wtorek, 4 lutego 2014

Safe place and Girl in red

“Safe place” oil on canvas 100/81 cm 39/32 inch

Girl in red, oil on canvas, 40/50cm 16/20 inch