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I am trying something new. Check it out :D


piątek, 28 lipca 2017


Soon :)

One week away from being open to the public! Women Painting Women: In Earnest is looking good. Check out these banners on the outside of Customs House Museum in Clarksville, TN.
Aug. 4- Oct 1, 2017
Opening Reception Thurs Aug 10th 5-7pm. Artist and Curator Tour Sept 16th 5-7pm
More info and catalogs available at
*banner art by Zoey Frank and Ali Cavanaugh

wtorek, 25 lipca 2017

"Women Painting Women: In Earnest" catalog

"Women Painting Women: In Earnest" opens soon !
For now I could share beautifull catalog, which is available below, There is possibillity to buy pdf for 1.99$ !

sobota, 22 lipca 2017

Women Painting Women: In Earnest

Proud to be included in so great exhibition !
Thank You girls for invitation!


Women Painting Women: In Earnest, a traveling museum exhibition curated by co-founders Alia El-Bermani and Diane Feissel opens at Customs House Museum in Clarksville, TN very soon. The buzz has started.


środa, 19 lipca 2017

My rosy work

My rosy work at wall 😁

‘Too Sweet to be Serious’ by International artist Anna Wypych / Oil on Canvas / 39.5 “ x 27.5” Available at Principle Gallery Charleston 843-727-4500 — w: Principle Gallery Charleston.

czwartek, 13 lipca 2017

"Artysta i Sztuka" magazine

I am proud to share that I won competition of polish art magazine "Artysta i Sztuka" ! This mean that in next issue (august) will be large interview with me ! YAY !




Gifts !

Gifts from my awesome students  They noticed that i like to write tasks for them, so i got notebook. They know that i love my plants, i got one Heands of my little assistant for instafotos 👶 

wtorek, 27 czerwca 2017

czwartek, 22 czerwca 2017

„Too sweet to be serious.”

„Too sweet to be serious.” Boson 3, oil on canvas 100/70cm 39,5/27,5 in 2017

„Freedom is to be yourself !!!”
shouts at me my tv everyday.
But this is only me here,
always a bit unstabil,
average person…

In the world where everything have to be unique
I am as unique as everybody are.
Just enough to have nice post in social media.

with my typical dreams
predictable choises
I do not have to proof to enybody anything.
I don’t need to explain from my emotions in front of anybody.

Sometimes I like rosy color
Sometimes I paint my nails for gold
because I am so girlish.…

My trophy necklace is also pretty
It has ribbons, sequins and enemys bones are pretty cut out, smooth and lovely – like pebbles or marshmallows

This is me. – as i like to be.

wtorek, 20 czerwca 2017

sneak peek

sneak peek of my newest work
detail „Too sweet to be serious.” Boson 3, oil on canvas 100/70cm 39,5/27,5 in 2017

czwartek, 15 czerwca 2017

News from India !

News from India !
My art found friends in Jaipur, India, group of artists who are curating very interesting blog, made interview with me. Thank You guys and thank Manav for sharing !
Greethings from sunny Gdynia 

poniedziałek, 12 czerwca 2017

New pink painting soon...

This is my painting from 2015, one of my works I made for solo show at Principle Gallery last year. There are themes or motives to which I am coming back from time to time, one of them is "pink". This painting is unique from my rosy works because I did it being drunk by hormones (or hapiness:) in my early pregnancy. Now I have returned to this color in my latest work which I will share soon. It needs couple of touches by brush and drying and so on. . . Meanwhile, below the reminder "The world is burning" more about here: http://annawypych.pl/?p=1210

sobota, 27 maja 2017

News from Meam - Modportrait exhibition!

Fresh view how "Red" are presenting itself in MEAM :)
Many thanks for Mauricio Valencia Cardenas for sharing this photo !

czwartek, 25 maja 2017

New publications !

I am proud to be included in two awesome publications!

Catalogue Modportrait 2016
4th Contest of Figurative Art in the category of Portrait organized by Galería Artlibre with the support of Fundació de les Arts i els Artistes and MEAM.


8th Edition of Guide of Art and Artists „LEONARDO” 2017


środa, 24 maja 2017

Longer at MEAM!

Modportrait 2016 where my "Red" is included, got so great response from audience that MEAM team decided to expanded it for whole month longer ! Soo excited !!!
So many more people will see it !

wtorek, 16 maja 2017

I'm in game.

I'm in game.
My "The flower of fern" is "preseleccionados" !!! This mean that it pass first selection in "Figurativas" (awesome international compertition) and super amazimng Antiono Lopez and rest of wonderfull jury will see it in real :D
my number 860 - This is the number automatically assigned at the submission, not the order :)

more about this painting: http://annawypych.pl/?p=1380

sobota, 13 maja 2017

Museu Europeu d'Art Modern

Yesterday took place opening of second exhibition of inetrnational competition "Modportrait 2016" at MEAM Barcelona! My "Red" was one of presented works. Congratulations to all winners, it is grest honour be part of show with you guys ! ! ! 

Below are some photos and short press about it. 

The European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) invites you to the opening ceremony of its upcoming exhibition of the finalist works of the IV Edition of the ModPortrait 2016 competition, the first international contest of figurative painting dedicated exclusively to portraiture. The 50 works selected by the jury will be displayed in the halls of the Palau Gomis of Barcelona until next May 28.

Organized by the Artelibre Gallery and the Foundation of Arts and Artists, this event stands as one of the most outstanding contemporary figurative art. This year, ModPortrait has assembled the works of 253 participants from 31 countries, including Canada, Iran, China, Peru, Japan, the United States, Russia and Mexico, among others.

In this year's edition, the first prize went to the work of the American Mark Tennant (United Kingdom, 1950), who portrays the painter Raoul Middleman (Baltimore, Maryland, 1935) in his study. Honorable mentions have awarded the works of Eddy Stevens (Belgium, 1965), Matthew James Collins (Oak Park, Illinois, 1970) and Spaniards Carmen Mansilla, Alejandro Carpintero, José Luis Ceña and Pau Marinello.

sobota, 6 maja 2017

The RWC Luncheon at Principle Gallery

fot. by Principle Gallery Charleston

There is always something exciting happening at Principle Gallery Charleston! .The RWC Luncheon, and my paintings as a background ;)



piątek, 14 kwietnia 2017

New painting completed.

„Black and white play” Boson 2, oil on canvas 100/70cm 39,5/27,5 in 2017

more : http://annawypych.pl/?p=1492
more about series Boson : http://annawypych.pl/?page_id=1402

sobota, 8 kwietnia 2017

Museum IAACC Pablo Serrano

Exhibition Modportrait 2016 is opened at IAACC Pablo Serrano, below are photos how does it looks. Here is link to more photos: https://www.facebook.com/pg/galeria.artelibre/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1849396478633607
Sooooo excited!