czwartek, 15 czerwca 2017

News from India !

News from India !
My art found friends in Jaipur, India, group of artists who are curating very interesting blog, made interview with me. Thank You guys and thank Manav for sharing !
Greethings from sunny Gdynia 

poniedziałek, 12 czerwca 2017

New pink painting soon...

This is my painting from 2015, one of my works I made for solo show at Principle Gallery last year. There are themes or motives to which I am coming back from time to time, one of them is "pink". This painting is unique from my rosy works because I did it being drunk by hormones (or hapiness:) in my early pregnancy. Now I have returned to this color in my latest work which I will share soon. It needs couple of touches by brush and drying and so on. . . Meanwhile, below the reminder "The world is burning" more about here: