czwartek, 31 sierpnia 2017

" 5th Women Painting Women" exhibition

Happy to share that my "Red" will be presented in beautiful Bridgehampton, at Long Island ! Yes, I am finalist, and my work will be part of awesome " 5th Women Painting Women" exhibition in prestigious Richard J Demato Gallery !

wtorek, 29 sierpnia 2017

behind the scenes

Photo from behind the scenes of the prestigious international competition "Figurativas" 

Great thanks to JM Meam for sharing

sneak peek

I love making details, so every bead bounces everything around.
Sneak peek of my newest work. ­čśÄ
From 9 to 27 layers of paint.

czwartek, 24 sierpnia 2017

detail of Red

Now I have on my easel work where in some parts is 27 layers of paint. Yes I am crazy. Below is detail of work I did last year, there was also a lot of layers, work and details. 

Do you see reflection of me and my studio in bowl ?

Did you noticed monkeys? 

"Red" oil on canvas, 70/90cm 35,5/27,5in

wtorek, 22 sierpnia 2017


Now i work on painting about love and freedom, meanwhile here is my work from 2015 about happiness, and gaining your long term goals.

Available in @principle_charleston .
"Fresh green" oil on icon panel 50 / 70cm; 20/27, 5 inch 
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sobota, 19 sierpnia 2017

my job :D

I really like my job 

photo from late 2016

Did you noticed my little helper ?

czwartek, 17 sierpnia 2017


This is the moment when there really is not much time to finish the painting, but I can do nothing to speed up (I shouldn't), despite my excitement.
So, I throw up some of the homesteads that accompanied me to paint the previous pink picture.

wtorek, 15 sierpnia 2017

4th part of series "Boson"

Large close-up of my latest work. There will be plenty to watch in close.

Doughnut and heart - it have to be about love 

4th part of series "Boson" about freedom, is close to end.

czwartek, 10 sierpnia 2017


My dear husband just opened the"NoWrong" online magazine ! The first edition is already here, and I invite everyone to look at beautiful illustrations! In subsequent editions guests will be invited. In the meanwhile, everything you see, the whole issue, the website, the shop and all, he did all by himself! Brawo my beloved!
M├│j kochany m─ů┼╝ w┼éa┼Ťnie otworzy┼é magazyn online "NoWrong"! Pierwsze wydanie ju┼╝ jest, i zapraszam wszystkich do podziwiania ilustracji ! W kolejnych wydaniach b─Öd─ů zaproszeni go┼Ťcie. Tymczasem wszystko co widzicie, ca┼ée wydanie, strona, sklep i w og├│le, zrobi┼é zupe┼énie sam ! Brawo m─Ö┼╝u ! did all by himself! Brawo my beloved!

wtorek, 8 sierpnia 2017

Patreon in progress

I'm still thinking about how I want my patreon looks like, and have some ideas about my posts. I will post two times a week - one with "something" about what I have on my easel (Tuesdays), and one with "something" about my workshop (Thursday). Lets check out how it will works.
First close look of what is on my easel, posted 

czwartek, 3 sierpnia 2017

Nashville Arts Magazine

Nashville Arts Magazine write about "Women Painting Women - In Earnest" i participate 

┼Ťroda, 2 sierpnia 2017