środa, 24 kwietnia 2019

3 paintings I completed recentl

A quick look into my studio from some time ago, and my 3 paintings I completed recently - only one of them could be seen - "The Vestals" are beautifully presented in @principle_charleston and other two are in privet collections  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
„The Vestals – protectors of inner fire” oil on canvas 39.5 x 27.5 inch 100/70cm Anna Wypych 2019
„The Night butterfly” oil on icon panel 12x16in 30/40cm Anna Wypych 2019
„The fire reflection.” oil on canvas 22/33cm 9×13 in 2019 Anna Wypych
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @principlegallery
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piątek, 19 kwietnia 2019

Fortunate | New Art Exhibit at The Vendue Hotel

Such awesome news! My painting about love "Double freedom" become part of this great exhibition and event in beautiful Charleston! Check it out! And there is Thomas, I love to work with You and Principle Gallery!
Fortunate | New Art Exhibit at The Vendue Hotel, Principle Gallery, Charleston SC
The Vendue Hotel Principle Gallery Charleston Principle Gallery

czwartek, 18 kwietnia 2019


"Polityka" !!! Jeden z największych magazynów w polsce wydrukował recenzję wystawy "Pałac Sztuki. Młode malarstwo Polskie." Dziękuję autorowi Piotrowi Sarzyńskiemu za wyróżnienie mojego obrazu "Czaszka"!
"Politics" !!! One of the largest magazines in Poland printed a review of the exhibition "Palace of Art. Young Polish Painting." Thank you to the author Piotr Sarzyński for the distinction of my painting "Skull"!
-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------
"Palace of Art. Young Polish Painting." curator Wojciech Zmorzyński
Muzeum Narodowe w Gdańsku

Two sides of the ocean.

Two sides of the ocean. I am participating in some great exhibitions lately and here is two paintings which are currently in NY, Bridgehampton's and Saragossa, Spain. My paintings definitely travel more than me and I am jealous! Noaahhh, Just making fun! I love to be hidden in my art-studio-cave  If You are anywhere around check them definitely! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
„Paradox” Boson 5, oil on canvas 39,5”x27,5” 100/70 cm "Modportrait 2018" Foundation Artelibre, Saragossa! Spain 12.04-17.05 @artelibre10
„The Lady of Time” Boson 6, oil on canvas 39.5 x 27.5 inch 100/70cm 
RJD Gallery, Bridgehampton NY, USA @rjdgallery
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środa, 17 kwietnia 2019

The big day!

Tomorrow is the big day! This painting among great collection paintings is accepted for "Modportrait" exhibition, and will hang in beautiful Saragossa! So many art stars there! 
The exhibition run from 12.04-17.05 and then move to MEAM Barcelona for 31.05-30.06. If You are anywhere around this is definitely worth to visit! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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czwartek, 11 kwietnia 2019


Recently I took a part in a huge exhibition of Polish young contemporary art hosted by National Museum in Gdansk. "Palace of the art" contains 153 pieces of art of 109 artists and shows various of directions where my generation is heading in its creation. Here is TV program where curator of the exhibition Wojciech Zmorzyński as well as artists Tomasz Kucharski and Krzysztof Nowicki and I are speaking about this exhibition. Check this out 
Ostatnio wzięłam udział w wielkiej wystawie Polskiej młodej sztuki współczesnej w Muzeum Narodowym w Gdańsku. Na "Pałac sztuki" składają się 153 dzieła 109 artystów, które pokazują kierunki w jakich obecnie zmierza moje pokolenie artystów. Oto program w TVP gdzie o wystawie mówi Kurator Wojciech Zmorzyński oraz artyści Tomasz Kucharski i Krzysztof Nowicki oraz ja. Zobaczcie sami!
Muzeum Narodowe w Gdańsku
Tomasz Kucharski - malarstwo
Krzysztof Nowicki
TVP3 Gdańsk

środa, 10 kwietnia 2019

My newest Triptych

Hi Hello!
Here is my newest Triptych of tiny paintings. Some time ago I fall in love with these tiny sizes and here is the result! Also, check my others paintings from this series in the link below:)
Cześć czołem!
Oto mój najnowszy Tryptym mini obrazów. Jakiś czas temy zakochałam się w malutkich formatach i oto rezultat! Zobacz też moje inne prace z tej serii klikając w linka poniżej 
Cats Triptych
„Sleeping cat”, „There You are!”, „Best friend”
oil on panel 20/20cm 8x8 inch Anna Wypych 2019
Koci Tryptyk
"Spiący kot", " Tutaj jesteś!", "Najlepszy przyjaciel"
olej na desce 20/20cm Anna Wypych 2019
more from this series: http://annawypych.pl/?page_id=2036
To know first about my new paintings click here: http://annawypych.pl/?page_id=16

czwartek, 4 kwietnia 2019

the last day

Tomorrow is the last day to visit this amazing exhibition in Saragossa! Then next time will be July in Barcelona 

This week was CRAZY!

This week was CRAZY! .
My little son was very sick with 39,5 temperature, I participated in a huge Museum opening, celebrating my third painting in Museum permanent collection. Did two TV interviews, TVP and TVN. Worked on project to the new commission, sold a painting, got a couple of new friends, framed two new paintings, spend too much time in a doctors waiting room, I was worrying for my sick mom and made a nice deal to exchange painting for painting with another artist I like. Also, finally made the project for a new painting I was wanting to start for last two weeks but something was missing in the project - now done and ready to start  My website was down because of some error or update (!?), and rebuild by my great husband-hero. AND it is only Thursday. This week I slept less time than I painted.
Now I look like a mixture of crap and zombie, but my boy feels better, and I somehow survived. Wish me luck for the rest of week. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Me at work, and some close looks of my newest painting „The Vestals – protectors of inner fire” oil on canvas 39.5 x 27.5 inch 100/70cm Anna Wypych 2019 featured in beautiful Charleston SC @principle_charleston @principlegallery
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środa, 3 kwietnia 2019

Super excited to share some more from this awesome exhibition!

Super excited to share some more from this awesome exhibition! Today I had a pleasure to visit it again and take some photos. Super happy to be part of this! This is truly a great view of the variety of what is going on today's Young art scene in Poland. If You are anywhere around, this is Your "must see".
I like to publish some nice stories with "behind the scenes" check out my Instagram profile @wypychanna
If You want to see my newest paintings first, just sign up in http://annawypych.pl/?page_id=16 (my web has an error, check it tomorrow to sign up, but this is the link)
Oddział Sztuki Nowoczesnej MNG
Muzeum Narodowe w Gdańsku
From 2015 The Foundation of Basil Alkazzii and Halima Nalecz and National Museum in Gdansk were building The new collection of young Polish contemporary art. Now collection contains carefully chosen 109 artists with 153 pieces of art. Huge thank You for curator Wojciech Zmorzynski for enormous work put for preparing this. Congratulations to all participating artists!
Super happy to make new art friends Justyna Kisielewicz Julita Malinowska
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Participating artitsts:
Justyna Adamczyk • Jakub Adamek • Marta Antoniak • Karolina Balcer • Basia Bańda • Tomek Baran • Paweł Baśnik • Natalia Bażowska • Agata Bogacka • Agnieszka Borkowska • Tymek Borowski • Julia Curyło • Julia Cybis • Daniel Cybulski • Sławek „Zbiok” Czajkowski • Bartosz Czarnecki • Martyna Czech • Aleksandra Czerniawska • Dawid Czycz • Xawery Deskur Wolski • Emilia Dragosz • Paweł Dunal • Pola Dwurnik • Wiktor Dyndo • Viola Głowacka • Zuzanna Hertzberg • Łukasz Huculak • Karolina Jabłońska • Karolina Jaklewicz • Michał Jankowski • Justyna Jędrzejowska • Ewa Juszkiewicz • Filip Kalkowski • Katarzyna Karpowicz • Agnieszka Kieliszczyk • Maria Kiesner • Emilia Kina • Justyna Kisielewicz • Kle Mens (Klementyna Stępniewska) • Bartosz Kokosiński • Wojciech Koniuszek • Tomasz Kopcewicz • Marcin Kowalik • Berenika Kowalska • Kornel Kowalski • Grzegorz Kozera • The Krasnals • Tomasz Kręcicki • Sebastian Krok • Daniel Krysta • Sebastian Krzywak • Tomasz Kucharski • Kamil Kukla • Agata Kus • Magdalena Laskowska • Norman Leto • Kamil Lisek • Piotr Makowski • Julita Malinowska • Przemek Matecki • Karolina Matyjaszkowicz • Paweł Matyszewski • Krzysztof Mężyk • Dariusz Milczarek • Katarzyna Miller • Michał Minor • Kamila Model • Marta Nadolle • Kinga Nowak • Krzysztof Nowicki • Agata Nowosielska • Joanna Pałys • Anna Panek • Tomek Partyka • Łukasz Patelczyk • Sławomir Pawszak • Magdalena Pela • Cyryl Polaczek • Agata Przyżycka • Marek Rachwalik • Karol Radziszewski • Anna Reinert • Natalia Rybka • Marta Rynkiewicz • Agnieszka Sandomierz • Ewelina Sośniak • Noemi Staniszewska • Irmina Staś • Łukasz Stokłosa • Mateusz Szczypiński • Katarzyna Szeszycka • Radosław Szlaga • Anna Szprynger • Marta Szulc • Monika Szwed • Małgorzata Szymankiewicz • Paweł Śliwiński • Mariusz Tarkawian • Aleksandra Urban • Anna Waligórska • Aleksandra Waliszewska • Rafał Wilk • Marek Wrzesiński • Anna Wypych • Natalia Załuska • Michał Zawada • Marcin Zawicki • Agnieszka Żak-Biełowa • Andrzej Żygadło