niedziela, 31 grudnia 2017


I started this year with painting about freadom "The flower of fern" and it happen to be first painting of series "Boson" which I continued for whole year. Now I have just started sixth, and I plan to paint only one more. .
1 "Flower of fern" about that only being truly free you can know yourself and be you.
. .
2 „Black and white play” about that freedom have dark side, and is connected with making difficult choices. .
3 „Too sweet to be serious.” being free is connected with accepting yourself, in every shape, and version.
4 „Double freedom” about your freedom when you love and your happines is connected with someone.
. .
5 „Paradox” freedom in context of parenting and being responsible for someone. .
Now working on sixth.
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sobota, 30 grudnia 2017

My faces

I always start paint fom the eyes, and face - them most important and difficult part of painting from main point of veiw. This year I put everything in best quality, best painting workshop I can gain. I worked very hard and this is reasult. Here are some faces I did in this wonderfull 2017 year  .
(this is not my bestnine)

Couple of them still available in 
@principle_charleston @principlegallery
#oilpainting #instart #artofinstagram #artoninstagram#instaartist #finearts #hiperrealismo #hyperrealism#surrealism #surrealistic #artinusa #paintlikagirl#artnerd #artcollector #principlegallery@beautifulbizarremagazine #beautifulbizarre#finearts #paintlikagirl #artnerd #artcollector#paintingportrait #artoftheday #likeoldmasters#onmyeasel #figurativeart #hyperrealistic#contemporaryart #artstudio #artistofinstagram#artinusa #paintinginprogress #paintingportrait #principlegallerycharleston

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piątek, 29 grudnia 2017

piątek, 22 grudnia 2017

Principle Gallery Charleston!

My own corner in awesome gallery !
Stop by and check it 

"Anna Wypych is a hyper realistic painter based in Poland who portrays her inner thoughts and feelings through her incredible figurative works."

czwartek, 21 grudnia 2017

"17 contemporary women artists: the best of real and surreal in painting"

"Sensitive to her environment, she employs gentle color palette to convey her thoughts and psychology of people around her with undeniable sincerity."
Thank You Veronica Winters For including in "17 contemporary women artists: the best of real and surreal in painting" !!! 🌻🌻🌻

piątek, 15 grudnia 2017

film from exhibition "Women Painting Women, in Earnest"

Look at this beautiful film from exhibition "Women Painting Women, in Earnest" it is still on view in J. Wayne Stark Galleries at TAMU 2017 !

Women Painting Women 
Really close look at my painting 3min 38sek

wtorek, 12 grudnia 2017


First from my gift-postcards is shipped successfully 
I love to share positive energy !
Thank You Agnes for sharing❤️!!!!

poniedziałek, 11 grudnia 2017

„The Basil Alkazzi & Halima Nalecz Purchase Fund”

National Muzeum of Gdansk bought one of my paintings last year. Here is interesting article (only polish version) about „The Basil Alkazzi & Halima Nalecz Purchase Fund”. Happy to be parto of this!
uncensored painting:

"Wypych’s Imaginative Philosophy"

Article about my art at The Zoeschlin Publishing Community, association of enthusiasts in culture who are committed to providing cultural information. YAY !
"Wypych’s Imaginative Philosophy" by Lorena Kloosterboer.

środa, 6 grudnia 2017

Winners knows.

Postcards and envelops are ready. The winners knows. Now I only wait for adresses. Thank you everywhone for participating !

poniedziałek, 4 grudnia 2017

Two days!

Only two days left to become one of 6 lucky people who will win my postcard !
@Regranned from @wypychanna - Wooo hooo! My first give away !
Win a FREE POSTCARD, shipped for you also for free! 
Just like my insta page and send me an email to with the subject line "mailing list" to be entered. I will select 6 from my mailing list on Dec 6.