środa, 16 listopada 2016

End of exhibition, back at work

Everything have to end in some point. "Secret life of your mind" became great success, opening was really crowded ! It was wonderfull to met wonderfull Principle Gallery team, thanks Michelle, Frank and Thomas ! My trip to beautifull Charleston was rich in adventures (have to mention hurricane, but lot of more), and I will remeber it for a long time! Now exhibition is ended, I am back in my studio, back in my usual daily rythm. New paintings are coming !!!

sobota, 5 listopada 2016


I belief that I did not post "about" my solo show. Below Yo can find text, and It could be description of all my art as well. 

„Secret life of your mind” solo show at Principle Gallery Charlecton Oct 2016

Secret mean – my own, personal, privet, independent, hidden, something only I know.

My paintings are about our almost subconscious thoughts, which happening somewhere along the way, or on the outskirts of everyday life, almost unnoticed. They are about all those things that make life has something „more”. About all these ideas, discoveries and opinions that make as – exactly as – a unique person. About that things which stay when you separate all, which is not you, from your life.

Sometimes in the daily, ordinary, busy life, our mind is doing itself a break. This is similar like electronic device, when not used, change to sleep mode, or stand-by. For example: I’m driving a car and suddenly something reminds me, an association occurs, and for a moment, the mind flows to important issues. Suprisingly I reflect on important thigs in my life: „what am I doing here? whether I like my work? It might be worth to change, and try more in relations with my children…”. Secret moments when you feel deeply you. Another example: I am doing laundry and suddenly, seemingly without relation to anything specific, or just because I saw a blouse that is associated with a memory, I begin to wonder about things: whether I’m happy? Is my loved ones, know that I love them? What exactly I think, about happenings which are honked in the news for a few days? These are moments of „suspension”, of thinking, of feeling, when you are somewhere out of the reality. This points are fleeting and happens almost out of our consciousness. Yet they are important. This is when we decide, who and what kind of man I want to be. It’s then we decide, what is important to us, and how we want to live. This is where crystallizes our belief and our vision of the world. Then you decide what wersion of you, want to be. What we think then, this is exactly when we create us – the person. After that, when we talk with someone, we just know, have our own opinion, know how to react, and have everything suddenly thought out. During that moments our mind is kinda like calibrate itself, setting, resets. I like to catch the free thoughts-feelings ( I think it’s really the same thing) and show them in my art. I like to wonder over everything, and every my painting is starting capsule of this wondering. I hope that when you look at it, it is the impetus for such a magic moment for you too. I belief that by this way I can share my moments, by paintings – projections of state of mind. Everyone has their own thoughts, but I feel that there is something universal in it. Universal state of mind.

This exhibition contains paintings, that I created over the last year. They are about happiness, home, fear, possession, confidence, inner strength but also about the body and passion.