środa, 14 września 2016

Coming soon !

Secret life of your mind” My solo Show coming soon !!!

More than 15 new works will be on display including works that have been on display in Poland's National Gallery in Sopot, the Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, Spain and Salmagundi Club in New York! „Secret Project” will open on Friday, October 7th / 5:00 to 8:00 pm at Principle Gallery Charleston. I will post all new and secret till opening, paintings right after event.  Below is short text about, and sneak peek. Enjoy !

Secret mean – my own, personal, private, independent, hidden, something only I know.
My paintings are about our almost subconscious thoughts, which happening somewhere along the way, or on the outskirts of everyday life, almost unnoticed. They are about all those things that make life has something "more". About all these ideas, discoveries and opinions that make as - exactly as - a unique person. About that things which stay, when you separate all which is not you, from your life.
This exhibition contains paintings, that I've created over last year. They are about happiness, home, fear, possession, confidence, inner strength but also about the body and passion.