czwartek, 26 października 2017

Installation at J. Wayne Stark Galleries at TAMU 2017

Check out !
Women Painting Women: In Earnest installation at J. Wayne Stark Galleries at TAMU 2017

wtorek, 24 października 2017

My Patreon website. Check it out !

My Patreon website.
Check it out !

My newest painting is almost done. I am working a lot. Very busy I am :) The whole work you will see when done - like last time I will post the painting and poems at first here, then after couple of days in other places.
So, for 2 dollars you will see my works first, will see my weekly privet posts with photos from workshop and what is on my easel shots, AND you will participate in lottery when you have 1/10 chance to win a postcard with latest work ! (this month "Double freedom") Check it out ! You can change your mind any time. Charging first day of month.

piątek, 20 października 2017

Women Painting Women: In Earnest

Yesterday took place second opening reception of Women Painting Women: In Earnest a traveling museum exhibition ! YAY ! The exhibition in Texas A&M University's J. Wayne Stark Galleries looks amazing !!! I am so happy that my “Safe place" participate !
Here is link to article in The Newington-Cropsey Cultural Studies Center review by Catherine Prescott:…/women-painting-women-earnest%E2%80%9…#
I am sharing some photo from Women Painting Women
The traveling museum exhibition 'Women Painting Women: In Earnest' curated by Alia El-Bermani and Diane Feissel has arrived at the beautiful J. Wayne Stark Gallery at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX.
In conjunction with this exhibition there are three exciting events happening over the next two days:
Wed, Oct 18th 12-3pm: Painting Demo, in the Wright Gallery (in the College of Architecture) with Jennifer Balkan, Karen Woolley Offutt, Rachel Constantine and Alexandra Tyng
Thurs, Oct 19th 10-11am: Panel Discussion, Wright Gallery (in the College of Architecture), with curator Alia El-Bermani and artists Nancy Hollinghurst, Jennifer Balkan, Haley Hasler, Alexandra Tyng and Rachel Constantine.
Thurs, Oct 19th - 5:30- 7:30: Opening Reception, J. Wayne Stark Gallery (in Memorial Student Center), Texas A&M University. Many participating artists will be in attendance.
Painting on poster by Ellen Eagle. Ellen Eagle

wtorek, 17 października 2017

Patreon and Postcards for 5$

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czwartek, 12 października 2017

On my easel

On my easel.
See closer the background, it is treated differently than human skin. I wanted it more relaxed, more free-and-easy, more free style than very detailed human parts. 

I feel the wind in my wings and the painting is coming very quickly. 

poniedziałek, 9 października 2017


My "Red" is so beautifully presented at "Women Painting Women: A Voice With Vision." RJD Gallery in Bridgehampton NY! Thank You all gallery team !!! I regret that I couldn't attend the opening last night...
fot. Wendy Layne Art ❤️
och... I'm soo happy that I am just next to Teresa Elliott!!!

środa, 4 października 2017

"A Voice with Vision"

"A Voice with Vision" opening this Saturday !

This is the 5th Annual Exhibition supporting female artists from around the world and highlighting " A Voice with Vision" as they continue to excel in a male dominated industry.

wtorek, 3 października 2017

on my easel

Right now is on my easel some of very well known bodies;) Self portrait with son - fiveth part of series about freedom "Boson" - this time in connection with parenting - is in progress.