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środa, 27 września 2017

Women Painting Women, A Voice with Vision !

Save the Date 7th Oct ! The RJD Gallery will open the 5th annual Exhibition of:
Women Painting Women, A Voice with Vision !
I am proud and honored to be part of this wonderfull event with my "Red" !
Saturday, October 7th 6-8pm (October 7 - November 5, 2017)
2385 Main Street
PO BOX 1658
NY 11932
+1 631 725 1161

sobota, 23 września 2017


czwartek, 21 września 2017


This time I would like to share with you the most intimate part of new project: "Double freedom". These are two from seven poems I wrote about it.
For a long time I was writing "about" my paintings - short notes, some inspirations and so on - and lately it developed into poems. For now this fits me the best - it completes but not explain the painting. I am not trying to become poet, but I feel deep need to express my thoughts by this mean of creativity. I am constantly on my own way in my art, and I do not now where it will takes me in the future.
Simply, Enjoy !

środa, 20 września 2017

"Women Painting Women: In Earnest"

When I see this pictures I am soo proud that I was able to take part in this fantastic exhibition with this awesome powerful women ! Thank You girls!
"Women Painting Women: In Earnest" at the Customs House Museum. It will be on view till 2.10 then move to J. Wayne Galleries.
Curators, Alia El-Bermani and Diane Feissel

poniedziałek, 18 września 2017

Poets Artists Magazine the Family edition.

I am proud to share that painting of my son when he was at his first day, is included in this awesome publication curated by David Jon Kassan !!! PAPoets Artists Magazine.
Thank You Didi Menendez !!!
Here is poem I wrote for my newest painting but the same about this one : http://annawypych.pl/wp-cont…/uploads/…/09/poem-2-1000px.jpg

czwartek, 14 września 2017

Double freedom.

Today is the day :) I have done now painting and You can see it, and some about under this link: http://annawypych.pl/?p=1646

Ejoy !!!

piątek, 8 września 2017

Artysta i Sztuka !

The newest magazine with interview with me and my painting on the cover is already available for purchase !!!


The newest magazine Artysta i Sztuka with interview with me and my painting on the cover !!!
I won this publication in magazine's competition. There is mine whole 8 pages! YAY !!!

wtorek, 5 września 2017


Today I am in definately witchy mood.
Last year I made series of panels showing mood like this. I have painted girls entwined with an ivy, the key is the light – different on every of them. There are the periods of time when life seems like a tree – hard, strong, simple and boldly growing. There are also the moments like an ivy, seems to encircle that tree – a very complicated, but growing as well. Aiming for the same goal – the light.
Today I belief that everything is possible.
„Sketch 5” oil on panel ,25/30cm, 10/12 in, 2016
available at Principle Gallery Charleston Principle Gallery
more from this series: http://annawypych.pl/?p=1269