środa, 14 września 2016

Coming soon !

Secret life of your mind” My solo Show coming soon !!!

More than 15 new works will be on display including works that have been on display in Poland's National Gallery in Sopot, the Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, Spain and Salmagundi Club in New York! „Secret Project” will open on Friday, October 7th / 5:00 to 8:00 pm at Principle Gallery Charleston. I will post all new and secret till opening, paintings right after event.  Below is short text about, and sneak peek. Enjoy !

Secret mean – my own, personal, private, independent, hidden, something only I know.
My paintings are about our almost subconscious thoughts, which happening somewhere along the way, or on the outskirts of everyday life, almost unnoticed. They are about all those things that make life has something "more". About all these ideas, discoveries and opinions that make as - exactly as - a unique person. About that things which stay, when you separate all which is not you, from your life.
This exhibition contains paintings, that I've created over last year. They are about happiness, home, fear, possession, confidence, inner strength but also about the body and passion.

sobota, 16 lipca 2016

Two publications.

Recently I took part in two exhibitions in National Gallery in Sopot, both of them have beautiful and interesting publications, below you can see how they present.
Salon rejected” National Gallery of Art in Sopot, 2016

"Among the Faces" Collective exhibition of winners and finalists of the competition "Artistic journey of Hestia", June 2016, National Gallery of Art in Sopot

czwartek, 16 czerwca 2016

"Among the faces" in the National Gallery of Art in Sopot.

"Among the faces" - the exhibition of the winners and finalists Artistic journey of Hestia - 15 artists on the 15th anniversary of the competition.

In 2010, I won the grand prix and now I am happy to present my painting from 2012 among so carefully selected artists. APH Thank you for the appreciation!

I invite you all, and I hope that we will meet on the opening 20.06 at 19.30 at the National Gallery of Art in Sopot.


"Wśród twarzy" – wystawa laureatów i finalistów konkursu Artystyczna Podróż Hestii - 15 młodych artystów na 15-lecie konkursu.

W 2010 roku wygrałam główną nagrodę a teraz bardzo miło mi zaprezentowac mój obraz z 2012 roku wśród tak troskliwie wybranych artystów. APH Dziękuję za wyróżnienie !

Zapraszam wszystkich ciekawych, i mam nadzieję że się spotkamy na wernisażu 20.06 o 19.30 w Państwowej Galerii Sztuki.


czwartek, 5 maja 2016

"Salon rejected"

Audycja gdzie kurator wystawy Piotr Sarzyński mówi o wystawie "Salon odrzuconych" która odbywa się teraz w Państwowej Galerii Sztuki w Sopocie.
O mnie wspomniał w 27-29min

Program where curator Peter Sarzyński says about the exhibition "Salon rejected" which takes place now at the National Gallery of Art in Sopot.
About me mention in 27-29min.


piątek, 22 kwietnia 2016

niedziela, 10 kwietnia 2016

First time for 5 years (!), my works will be shown in 3city

There is no official press informations but I can reveal that first time for 5 years (!), my works will be shown in 3city. One became part of permament collection of The National Museum in Gdansk, and will be visible on exhibition later in 2016. Painting "Grey" will be shown in National Gallery in Sopot April 14 - May 22, 2016 at exhibition "Salon rejected" (curator: Piotr Sarzyński).

piątek, 15 stycznia 2016

11 International 2014-2015 ARC Salon Catalog

11 International 2014-2015 ARC Salon Catalog

ARC is pleased to present the winners and finalists of the 2014/2015 International Salon Competition. With an approximate 2,500 entries this year by over 1,050 artists, the competition was steeper than ever. This year we have included 789 finalist works. These works represent the top 31% of works submitted. For the first time many of the works from the ARC Salon will be exhibited in a live traveling exhibition that will start at the MEAM museum in Barcelona, Spain where it will be on view from November 17-December 28th to celebrate an intense collaboration between Europe and America for representational art. The ARC salon works will be mounted at the same time the museum will mount the 8th Figurativas Painting and Sculpture Competition, organized by the Foundation of the Art and the Artists, which along with the ARC Salon is the other most important competition of representational art, where more than 2300 artists from more than 90 countries participate. The 8th Figurativas Painting and Sculpture Competition, Figurativas 2015 will run between November 17 – Januray 10th. The Official Ceremony Awards of ARC Salon winners and Figurativas 2015 winners will take place as one tremendous event on November 20th, 2015 at 19:00 hours at the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) in Barcelona and a Forum of American and European representational artists will take place the following day on Saturday the 21st. Works for this exhibit are still being selected though the MEAM Purchase award and the ARC Purchase awards shown below will all be included. The ARC Salon portion of the show will then travel to New York City, where it will hang at the Salamagundi Club from January 18th – February 4th. Works that are included in the exhibition will be marked as such in the ARC Salon Catalogue. 

About this publication:

264 pages
789 color plates (all the works that qualified as a finalist)
An introduction to the ARC Salon and our first live exhibition including an essay on the top winners and their winning works.

Fine Art Defined by Frederick C Ross

 Catalog available for purchase here: