wtorek, 17 października 2017

Patreon and Postcards for 5$

Want my postcard? 
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czwartek, 12 października 2017

On my easel

On my easel.
See closer the background, it is treated differently than human skin. I wanted it more relaxed, more free-and-easy, more free style than very detailed human parts. 

I feel the wind in my wings and the painting is coming very quickly. 

poniedziałek, 9 października 2017


My "Red" is so beautifully presented at "Women Painting Women: A Voice With Vision." RJD Gallery in Bridgehampton NY! Thank You all gallery team !!! I regret that I couldn't attend the opening last night...
fot. Wendy Layne Art ❤️
och... I'm soo happy that I am just next to Teresa Elliott!!!

środa, 4 października 2017

"A Voice with Vision"

"A Voice with Vision" opening this Saturday !


This is the 5th Annual Exhibition supporting female artists from around the world and highlighting " A Voice with Vision" as they continue to excel in a male dominated industry.


wtorek, 3 października 2017

on my easel

Right now is on my easel some of very well known bodies;) Self portrait with son - fiveth part of series about freedom "Boson" - this time in connection with parenting - is in progress.

piątek, 29 września 2017

środa, 27 września 2017

Women Painting Women, A Voice with Vision !

Save the Date 7th Oct ! The RJD Gallery will open the 5th annual Exhibition of:
Women Painting Women, A Voice with Vision !
I am proud and honored to be part of this wonderfull event with my "Red" !
Saturday, October 7th 6-8pm (October 7 - November 5, 2017)
2385 Main Street
PO BOX 1658
NY 11932
+1 631 725 1161

sobota, 23 września 2017


czwartek, 21 września 2017


This time I would like to share with you the most intimate part of new project: "Double freedom". These are two from seven poems I wrote about it.
For a long time I was writing "about" my paintings - short notes, some inspirations and so on - and lately it developed into poems. For now this fits me the best - it completes but not explain the painting. I am not trying to become poet, but I feel deep need to express my thoughts by this mean of creativity. I am constantly on my own way in my art, and I do not now where it will takes me in the future.
Simply, Enjoy !