czwartek, 22 czerwca 2017

„Too sweet to be serious.”

„Too sweet to be serious.” Boson 3, oil on canvas 100/70cm 39,5/27,5 in 2017

„Freedom is to be yourself !!!”
shouts at me my tv everyday.
But this is only me here,
always a bit unstabil,
average person…

In the world where everything have to be unique
I am as unique as everybody are.
Just enough to have nice post in social media.

with my typical dreams
predictable choises
I do not have to proof to enybody anything.
I don’t need to explain from my emotions in front of anybody.

Sometimes I like rosy color
Sometimes I paint my nails for gold
because I am so girlish.…

My trophy necklace is also pretty
It has ribbons, sequins and enemys bones are pretty cut out, smooth and lovely – like pebbles or marshmallows

This is me. – as i like to be.

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