piątek, 2 stycznia 2015

New Year 2015

Resolutions from last year:

Quit smoking - done - I live completely without nicotine 9 months.
Improving body shape - completely failed.

so 1:1

Yes ! This is my "Creature" right there! Not only in Christmas time, not only in front window, but right next to wonderfull Pamela's Wilson "Egress" ! 
Principle Gallery Charleston

 Exhibition in Moldova coming next friday ! 

The National Museum of History of Moldova. "The Elite of Contemporary art from Realism to the High Definition." January 9- 28. 2015

Giuseppe Muscio, Luciano Ventrone, David Eichenberg, Rodney O'Dell Davis, Hyung Jin Park, Anna Wypych, Sharon Hourigan, Paul Coventry-Brown, Lamine Azzouzi, and many others. 

Exhibition of selected winners of the national competition  "Artistic Journey of Hestia" 2002-2014 "Through Prism. Part two " also start next friday ! January 9 - January 31 Arsenal City Art Gallery, Poznan, Poland

In 2010 I won first place in this competition with my "Muzes". My painting is traveling a lot ! It started from Sopot, then visited Palace of Art in Krakov and now Poznan ! Busy painting :

Just before New Year took place opening of the exhibition of selected participants of “Pienkow International Art Workshops”. Thank you doctor Marek maria Pienkowski for an invitation ! 

Exhibition shows paintings which were created during the workshops along with more recent works.

"Our portraits" Marek maria Pienkowski Foundation, 27.12.2014 Pienkow Gallery, Zmudz, Polska

Thank you Zach Tutor for appreciating! 

Thank you Creative Boom team for appreciating ! 

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